Who We Are

New Life exists to lead people in the lifelong journey of new life in Christ.

Life isn't a flat line. It has peaks and valleys, twists and turns. People have good intentions, but too often religion ends up complicating life instead of simplifying it. We don't want to teach you how to follow God in an ideal world, because we don't live in an ideal world. Our desire is to simplify church, and do whatever we can to help you follow Jesus better each and every day of your life. We believe following Jesus begins with adopting three fundamental values, and we ask people to commit to prioritizing each of these values by devoting one hour per week to each. To make this happen, everything we do as a church reflects these values and falls within one of these categories. 

Connect with God through worship and with people in authentic community. 

Our Sunday morning worship is important to God, and it's important to us. We strongly encourage each person to make gathering together to participate in Sunday worship a priority in your family. 

Grow more like Christ each day.

We're called to pursue God and become more like him daily. Jesus invites us to "come as we are," but it's not ok to stay that way! There are mid-week Grow Groups which meet in homes throughout our community, classes that meet on Sunday morning prior to our worship service, and special programs such as Summer Seminary which occur throughout the year at various times. We encourage you to devote one hour per week to finding a place to grow here at New Life. 

Give generously of our time, talents, and resources for God's purpose.

Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Jesus set the standard for giving when he gave his life for me and you. We believe that in order to truly follow Jesus, we must begin to freely give of ourselves in order to show others the love and life-changing power of Jesus. We encourage each New Lifer to devote one hour per week to serving in some way. Whether that's by holding doors and welcoming people on Sunday, serving in our Wednesday night student ministry, running sound, or something else, we encourage you to find a place to serve!