What to Expect

Our desire is for New Life to be a church that people who don't like church love to attend. 

What we do on Sunday mornings is built around giving you, our guests, the best experience possible. No pressuring you into giving us your money, no awkward "hug a stranger" time, no stand up in front of the crowd, and no stale worship service that puts you to sleep. Above all, we want New Life to be a place where you can encounter God!

When you arrive at New Life, you'll be welcomed at the front door, where our Guest Services team will be waiting to assist you. In our Lobby area, you can check your kids in for our Nursery area, and each child will receive a wristband showing they've been properly checked in. The safety of your children is our top priority, and this check-in process helps ensure their safety during worship.

After checking your children in, you'll find free coffee and donuts just inside the doors to our Worship Center. We know Sunday mornings can be hectic, so we try to make breakfast easy for you!

Once you take a seat in our Worship Center, you'll spend the next hour or so immersed in a warm and engaging environment. You'll probably look around you and see a lot more blue jeans than ties, and a lot more t-shirts than sportscoats. We try to have dynamic, high energy, Christ honoring worship, and Pastor Tyler will bring Biblical truth in a relevant and refreshing way. 

If you have any questions, grab one of our volunteers wearing a New Life nametag and they'll be happy to help you. We hope you'll join us one Sunday soon and experience New Life for yourself!